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January 4, 2019 2:08 pm Published by

The Princess Bride and Our Work Family

What do you call someone who doesn’t love The Princess Bride?



It’s full of fencing, fighting, true love, marriage, miracles…


And in the end, it’s all about family.

Of course, we see Westley and Buttercup ride off into the sunrise as their own new family...just like our own families at home push us to be the best versions of ourselves.

But they didn’t ride off alone.


They rode off with their their Work Family.


Because Westley and Buttercup didn’t win their “happily ever after” all on their own.

They won it with the help of everyone’s favorite misfits, swordsman Inigo Montoya and gentle Fezzick the Giant. So Buttercup’s love, Westley’s cleverness, Inigo’s sword, and Fezzick’s strength all came together to achieve their goal.


Which is kind of like our team at Tranel.


Like the Princess Bride’s work family, we have a diverse background of team members that brings us together everyday.


At work, we pool all those different skills together to help our clients get their happily ever after.


And while we don’t always ride off into the sunset after work, we do approach our work as a family with our core values of:


1. Fun

For instance, Tyler Braun is so happy to see his clients that he hugs them every time!


(Now you know what to expect if you see him...)


And when Jordan Bradford meets at his clients’ houses, they make him special meals.


Which is good because, left to himself, Jordan doesn’t explore new foods often!


So not only do clients learn about investments from him, but they also teach him to get out of his comfort zone and have fun. 😉

2. Integrity


We want what’s financially best for you and your loved ones.


That’s it.


Which is why we don’t have any proprietary products to push.


Instead, we work with an independent broker dealer, which gives us the flexibility to put our clients’ goals first.


Since we aren’t tied to any particular provider, you can choose from the entire spectrum of investments - whichever ones will work best for you and your family.

3. Leadership

Our fearless founder and CEO is Roch Tranel. As the leader of the Liberty One Management Team, he manages over $211 million in assets and shares strategies with Liberty One’s Money Concepts representatives and clients across the nation.


Not only has he helped people reach clarity and confidence about their finances since 1988 - he’s written the book on it (actually, two!)

4. Teamwork

Just like a family, we at Tranel


  • Pick each other up from the airport.
  • Drive each other to and from car dealers.
  • Celebrate wins together.
  • Send cards and well wishes when one of us is sick or down.


So we work as a team, both with each other and with our clients.


For example, you have an actual ongoing relationship with your financial advisor - they won’t just meet with you one time and then disappear unless you call them. In fact, you’ll be introduced to your entire service team, all of whom pool together their different strengths to help make sure that your investments succeed.

5. Excellence

We’re passionate to share our wisdom about wealth - wisdom gained from having over 100 yrs of financial experience and knowledge in our building.


That’s why our investment committee meets regularly to review portfolios, helping to make sure that we’re using the best strategies possible for your financial future.

6. Relationship


Though this core value comes last, it’s the most important. Family - both at work and at home - is formed by relationships. So supporting each individual client is our deepest value.  


Jordan Bradford knows this. So when one of his clients shared with him that her son had recently passed away - and that she’d always wanted to journal - Jordan picked out a sweet little journal and sent it to his client with an even sweeter note.


Because we’re a family.


And you’re part of it.