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News is an essential aspect of the forex market; it is like fuel to the stock market. Just knowing about technical analysis is not sufficient to work successfully in a forex market. You need to know how news affects the Canadian Stock market to gain the maximum benefit. When a company progresses, the market value for that company’s shares goes up and hence your invested money. However, when the company is declining or when you hear bad news about a specific company, then its share value will decrease, and you might face a loss. Therefore, it is crucial to look at the news to understand the Canadian stock market better.

All kinds of traders, either big or small, greatly depend on the same news. As news is the factor that can make the market move. No news means no movement at all.

Effect of the news on the Canadian Stock Market:

To understand the effect of the news on the Canadian stock market, take the example of a company that has launched, and you have its shares. According to the news, the company just filed for bankruptcy; individuals in the stock market will start selling the shares. But to save your money, you need to sell shares based on prediction, which you can only do if you had heard the news of the company’s bankruptcy a day before news channels officially claimed it. Withdrawing shares earlier based on reports gained before the news announcement officially is called inside trading.

Now let’s see the other side of the story. What if you are careless, not interested in knowing the news. You might never know about the company’s bankruptcy, and you might lose all the money invested in shares. Hence, to work successfully in the Canadian stock market, it is crucial to keep a close eye on the country’s economic condition and all the news.

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Canadian stock market news