Certified Divorce Financial Advisor Certified Divorce Financial Advisor

What is CDFA?

For persons seeking divorce, a peaceful and mutually agreeable separation is desirable. However, most divorces are rocked with disagreements over the sharing of assets and finances between the two parties. This is where CDFAs (Certified Divorce Financial Advisor) come in.

A Certified Divorce Financial Advisor is a financial expert trained to assist persons seeking divorce out certain tasks such as valuation of assets and determining what would anount to a fair, just and equitable division of property.

While CDFAs are not lawyers and should not be used in lieu of lawyers, they often have an in-depth understanding of divorce laws which they bring to bear in guiding their clients.

Functions of a CDFA

Liasing with Lawyers

While lawyers are skilled in divorce laws and procedures, they are not trained in the intricacies of finance management and organization and may struggle to cope with this. A CDFA has the in-dwpth knowledge of finances in general and divorce finance management in particular.

Lawyers can, therefore, benefit from collaborating and gleaning insight from CDFAs which puts the legal experts in possession of the financial facts they need.

Guiding Clients

Intending divorcees often make decisions based on emotions rather than rational considerations. In many cases, they may live to regret these decisions afterwards. A specialized financial planner for divorce offers clients the practical and realistic financial advice that they need to enable them to make the best informed decisions. CDFAs help value assets and recommend how this value can be split fairly.

Hunting Down Hidden Assets

Duplicitous partners may hide away some assets or finances during the divorce process. CDFAs can help hunt down these assets and present the evidence to your attorneys.

Serving as a Mediation Agency

In some cases, a CDFA can act as a non-partial mediator between the spouses, offering advice and guidance to both parties and helping them reach a mutually agreeable settlement.

Why Choose Us?

The Tranel Group offers the services of certified divorce financial planner for persons seeking divorce. Our team of qualified divorce financial experts work with clients to value their assets and give them expert advice on how to go about dividing them in a fair manner. If you are wondering, “what are best credentials for a financial advisor”, our company holds a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) license. Furthermore, our certified divorce financial analyst fees are reasonable and justifiable, as you would find.

Schedule a Meeting with Certified Divorce Financial Advisors

At The Tranel Group, we understand that divorce is a difficult period in the life of any couple. However, it’s vital to hire competent legal representatives so that the tough phase won’t leave you worse off. Our experienced advisors can help you avoid common financial mistakes people make during a divorce. We also advise you on how to set your emotions aside to make the best decisions for your and your children’s future (if any). Schedule a meeting with us today and we’ll be glad to discuss how we can help.


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