Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

Divorces can either be frustrating, stressful and long drawn out experiences or amicable and straightforward affairs. The difference largely lies in how well prepared the parties are heading into the divorce. To avoid nasty fights over the division of property, a certified divorce financial analyst is necessary.

A CDFA is a specialized financial planner for divorce equipped with the financial and legal knowledge to assist people going into divorces to divide their assets in the most equitable and just manner. Importantly, they are not lawyers themselves, but work in collaboration with lawyers.

Benefits of Hiring a CDFA

They Reduce Divorce Costs

Divorces are not cheap. There is the costs of legal fees paid to attorneys to consider, among other factors. It is also important to remember that lawyers are not trained to manage finances and so, may waste more of your time and money going over issues that can be solved faster by a specialized financial planner for divorce.

With a certified divorce financial analyst, you, as well as your lawyers are given the benefit of a greater insight and understanding of the financial issues at stake, making the process more straight forward and cost-effective. Furthermore, certified divorce financial analyst fees are usually cost-effective and justified considering the trouble they save you.

They Make the Divorce Process Faster

When intending diorcees disagree over sharing of money, their divorce can drag out over a year or more. Managing and organizing assets and finances is best left to the experts as they are equipped with the knowledge necessary to determine and recommend fair ways to divide assets and expedite the divorce process.

Help Ease Emotional Difficulties

Divorces can come with stress and anxiety especially when one is not sure if a divorce would have to mean a radical change in one’s financial condition. CDFAs are able to present clients with a realistic picture of what they can expect to get from divorces in financial terms, allowing them to make informed decisions. This helps reduce the uncertainties and fears that may be associated with divorces.

If you need the services of a capable certified divorce planner, The Tranel Group is here for you. Our company is well qualified, experienced and credentialed in the field. If you are interested in knowing what are the best credentials for a financial advisor? Well, our company holds a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) certificate which is one of the highest recognized professional certifications for financial advisors. Consider getting in touch with us today.

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At The Tranel Group, we understand that divorce is a difficult period in the life of any couple. However, it’s vital to hire competent legal representatives so that the tough phase won’t leave you worse off. Our experienced analysts can help you avoid common financial mistakes people make during a divorce. We also advise you on how to set your emotions aside to make the best decisions for your and your children’s future (if any). Schedule a meeting with us today and we’ll be glad to discuss how we can help.












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