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Your finance is one of the biggest considerations during and after the divorce. Here at The Tranel Financial Group, we can help you whether you are contemplating divorce, presently going through the divorce process, or divorced for many years. We know how challenging and overwhelming the divorce process can be, and we are available to provide a high level of support. No matter which side you’re on, financial planning is crucial if you want to minimize the damage of your separation. Our divorce financial planning can ensure your finances are adequately addressed.

Who We Are

Here at The Tranel Financial Group, we are expert divorce financial advisors. Our mission is to help divorcing couples get financial clarity during a divorce to make well-informed decisions.

 We can help divorcing partners remove the guesswork and replace emotion-based decisions with insightful alternatives based on facts and evidence. With finances at the center of many divorces, it’s our work to get you what suits your financial life. 

What Sets Us Apart?

We are professional divorce financial advisors that understand finances. Our divorce financial experts have achieved certifications, such as Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® (CDFA). As a divorce financial planner, we bring our expertise, experience, and unique perspective to guide you through divorce financial problems. 

Most of the arguments and decisions you will make during your divorce may be financial decisions. As divorce financial professionals and financial planners, we have the experience to help you and your family work through financial issues.

Our Divorce Financial Planning Services

We provide various divorce financial planning services to meet your specific needs. We offer the following financial services through our Certified Divorce Financial Analyst.

Pre-divorce services

  • Valuation services
  • Financial education
  • Cash flow forecasting and budgeting
  • Debt consolidation and refinancing analysis
  • Determine short- and long-term income requirements
  • Compile, organize, and analyze financial information
  • Financial independence analysis and divorce settlement

Post-divorce services

  • Investment management
  • Individual income tax planning
  • Insurance and risk management
  • Year-round coordination 
  • Financial and retirement planning
  • Gift and real estate tax planning
  • Implementation of post-divorce decisions

Why Choose The Tranel Financial Group

We can help you avoid the financial pitfalls of divorce in your final agreement. We provide you with certainty after all of your divorce options have been considered.

We can assist you in creating a reasonable budget to help avoid financial issues after the divorce. We know exactly what is required to help you fast-track the divorce process, and we can save you both money and time.

Get Help From The Tranel Financial Group

Getting professional during divorce is one of the best ways to avoid difficult transitions. Here at The Tranel Financial Group, our CDFA can offer the advice and expertise you need to identify your financial goals and create a settlement that supports them. We can help you navigate the divorce process and be there for you to help build a new life.

Contact us today at 847-665-1862 to schedule a consultation with our certified divorce financial advisor.

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