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The Coronavirus has hit the market hard. Here's what you need to know.

The Coronavirus pandemic has disrupted economic growth throughout the world and markets everywhere are nosediving. This is a fluid situation—things are changing daily and we’ll help you stay up-to-date by breaking down all the latest news and developments right here.

State Of The Market

The Coronavirus has put the nation into a sudden economic halt as more than 3 million Americans have filed a jobless claim in the last week. Many states are now issuing "Shelter In Place" and "Safer At Home" orders that require citizens to stay indoors unless they need to perform essential activities.


The Dow Jones has closed out the worst first quarter in history as it finished down 23% for the quarter. The S&P 500 recorded it's worst quarter since the recession in 2008. In the last week, however, there have been positive signs as the Dow spiked 4000 points in just a week.


To support Americans in this challenging time, legislation has passed the $2 trillion stimulus package. This stimulus will provide relief to households throughout the country with stimulus checks sent to most Americans, expanded unemployment benefits, and suspended student payments.



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How To Navigate This Bear Market

First and foremost, stay calm. While you may be concerned about your retirement plans, we recommend staying the course. The stock market has a strong track record of rebounding from losses like we’ve seen over the last few weeks. Keep funding your 401(k) or IRA and don’t make drastic moves out of fear or other strong emotions.

Contact A Trusted Financial Advisor

If you have questions or concerns regarding your portfolio, we strongly recommend discussing things with a professional financial advisor. Our team has been helping citizens just like yourself overcome uncharted territory like this for more than 30 years. We’re happy to take your calls or hold a video conference call to provide guidance.

Understanding The Current Market

Comparing This Market To The Recession in 2008


The current economic situation is very different than the recession we experienced in 2008. Jordan Bradford, Financial Advisor with The Tranel Financial Group, explains the differences and what we may be able to expect moving forward.

An Update To Required Minimum Distribution (RMDs)


Congress recently passed the CARES Act and it's impacted RMDs. Jordan Bradford, financial advisor at Tranel Financial, provides a quick overview of the changes in this short three-minute video.



Essential Financing Planning Concepts That Can Always Help


Roch Tranel, CEO and founder of The Tranel Financial Group, discusses some of the most essential financial concepts to help you navigate a bear market. 

Tyler Beck Discusses Some Potential Solutions To Help Your Current Situation


This webinar helps breakdown a few solutions that can help ease fears and provide assistance during economic downturns.

Why It's Important To Maintain a Long-term Mindset 


We wanted to take a moment to discuss the current state events. Remember that when you're thinking about your financial goals, it's important to take a step back and keep a long-term mindset. 

Jobless Claims Continue To Climb, Learn How To Protect Yourself


With a record setting pace of jobless reports filed in the last week, it's important to be prepared if you become unemployed. Financial Advisor Jordan Bradford details what you need to do to protect yourself in the event that you lose your job.

How We Can Help You Make The Right Decisions

Roch Tranel, CEO and Founder of The Tranel Financial Group, provides a voice of clarity in uncertain times. He explains how our team can guide you through this market and help you come out ahead in light of what's happening.

What's The Right Response? Fear vs Concern With Roch Tranel

Roch Tranel, CEO and Founder of The Tranel Financial Group, explains the why concern is an appropriate response to the current market, but fear may be prohibiting you from thinking clearly.

Why A Long-Term Outlook Will Help You Stay Calm & Prevail

With extreme market volatility in the last few weeks, Tyler Braun explains why a long-term outlook on your retirement plans will help you find clarity in uncharted territory.

How To Protect Yourself & Stay Calm In The Current Market

Whether you're a business owner or an employee, you've almost certainly been effected by the recent Coronavirus outbreak. Cody Braun discusses what you can do to keep your confidence up and emotions in check during these times of uncertainty. 

How The Coronavirus Has Impacted The Market


This week has been extremely volatile and we’ve seen the market all over the place, and ultimately it’s being driven by the Coronavirus. We hear that in the news all the time and people say, “Well, how is the virus linked to the market.” 


Really it’s the trickle-down effect. If the virus is causing people to miss work, causing cities or nations to quarantine individuals where they are not able to get to their jobs, manufacturing or allow imports or exports. What that does is it starts to slow production because ... read more

Previous Market Update 3/18/20

The market continues to plummet as worldwide Coronavirus cases have amassed more than 200,000. Just this week the Dow Jones industrial Average dropped more than 1,800 points (8%) while the S&P 500 was down 7.56%—wiping out nearly all gains that have been made during President Trump’s administration. Investors have grown increasingly worried about the economic impacts of the virus and global markets have seen unprecedented volatility as a result. 


In some areas, city officials have requested that restaurants and non-essential businesses shut down in an attempt to limit exposure to the virus. Many food and service industry employees are relying on unemployment, and it’s unclear when things will turn around, allowing them to go back to work.


Business people negotiating a contract. Human hands working with documents at desk and signing contract.

The Trump administration has discussed a fiscal stimulus package that would send cash directly to Americans in an attempt to help citizens mitigate economic damages. The stimulus package could be around $1 trillion according to some reports.