Giving Thanks & Thanking Givers

November 20, 2018 3:47 pm Published by

Giving Thanks & Thanking Givers

Here in Libertyville, we’ve watched gold and crimson leaves fall, green lawns fade, and Starbucks retire its scarily-scaly purple Witches’ Brew (until next Halloween...) in favor of peppermint and gingerbread mochas.


It’s time for Thanksgiving, and we at Tranel want to thank the givers:


First, our fantastic clients and family who have given so much to us.


Second, four local charities that have given so much to our beloved community this past year.


1. To Our Clients


Honestly, we love our clients because you care. You want to make the world a better place, give back to it through helping charities and volunteering in our community, and focus on helping your families live a better life.

You’re the reason we look forward to coming to work every day. Each of us is so thankful that you’ve decided to trust us with your hopes and goals for the future, and we do our best to fulfill that trust.

Thank you for adding value to our lives: Tranel wouldn’t exist without you, and we can’t ever fully express our gratitude that you chose us.  

2. To Our Families

We’re so blessed that we at Tranel have been given wonderful families, with awesome people who’ve loved and supported us every step of the way!


3. To Our Tranel Loves Charities

These magnificent local organizations deserve to be highlighted at Thanksgiving because they give to the entire community, asking nothing in return.


Since we depend so greatly on our Lake County community to thrive, we’ve partnered up with these non-profits so that we can give back to the community which has helped so much:

A.  Feed My Starving Children (Libertyville)

We mean it when we say, “we want to reach everyone until ALL are fed.”


Feed My Starving Children follows through on this promise. Since 1987, they’ve provided over 2 billion nutritionally balanced meals (over 333 million just this past year) to starving populations across the globe.


So in May 2018, we teamed up with Gages Lake Auto and Freedom One to help out. Together, we gathered more than 100 volunteers who packed 125 boxes of food - enough to feed 74 kids for a whole year!


(BTW, a donation of $80 lets FMSC feed a hungry child for a year.)

B.  The Sports Shed for Frassati Academy (Wauconda)

By providing necessary sports equipment, The Sports Shed helps low-income Chicago kids join organized sports - a great positive alternative to the gangs, violence, and hard drugs that can easily suck these kids in. Instead of this bleak future, members of the Sports Shed raise their GPA and attend college at higher rates so that they can live safer and healthier lives.


That’s why in May, partnering with Mowery & Schonfeld as well as The Sports Shed, we sponsored new uniforms and balls for Frasatti Academy in Wauconda. Later that month, we also got to fill a formerly empty equipment room for brand-new North Chicago school Learn Chart 10.


And in September, our paths crossed yet again as we joined the BMW Championship Volunteers for PADS and The Sports Shed!

C. St. Joseph Parish’s Appalachian Rebuilding (Libertyville)

Summer brought new partnerships with our  in Libertyville. We’ve teamed up regularly with our old friend St. Joseph Parish throughout the years, and this June saw our CFO Eric Cima rebuild an Appalachian home with a group from St. Joseph’s.


And Eric wasn’t the only Tranel member to help out Appalachia via St. Joseph’s - this August, Executive Assistant Stephanie Walsh helped raise money for the Appalachian renovation trip through her participation in “Dash Around the Lake” (to be specific, the stunning St. Mary’s lake) at Mundelein Seminary .  

D. Foglia YMCA Corporate Basketball Challenge (Lake Zurich)

We’re a bunch of basketball fans here, so in August our team also participated in the Folgia YMCA Corporate Basketball Challenge with Mowery & Schonfeld.

Do you have a favorite local charity that’s not listed above? Let us know - we’re always looking for more to support!

And on behalf of the Tranel team: we hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving!