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Investment Planning Made Simple

By Jenna Tranel | December 22, 2017
Investment planning is not as daunting as it may sound. It’s all about establishing a path and a routine. The rewards of simple investment planning are worth it. You follow simple plans all day long. When you awake in the morning, you know where your first hour of your day will take you. As your… View Article
Tranel being awarded for financial excellence at Money Concepts conference.

Tranel Awarded For Financial Excellence at Money Concepts Annual Conference

By Jenna Tranel | September 27, 2017
In July of 2017, several employees of the Tranel Financial Group were awarded for their excellence and achievement in the area of wealth management and financial planning. These honors were awarded to their recipients at the Money Concepts 2017 Financial Planning Congress held in Charleston, South Carolina. In addition to recognizing excellence throughout the financial… View Article
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How to Invest Without Stress

By Jenna Tranel | August 18, 2017
Decisions regarding how to invest may result in stress, but how stressful your investment experience becomes is entirely up to you. That said, here are 4 primary investment stressors and how you can avoid or mitigate them: Decisions regarding how to invest may result in stress, but how stressful your investment experience becomes is entirely up… View Article
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Avoid These 4 Fear-Related Risks to Retirement Investing

By Jenna Tranel | July 24, 2017
Franklin Delano Roosevelt relayed his deep understanding of how fear itself is a risk and can lead to irrational action when, in a time of extreme uncertainty and war, he advised the nation that we “have nothing to fear but fear itself.” That same wisdom applies to retirement investing. Here are 4 fear-related risks to… View Article
Financial life planning advisor.

Financial Life Planning

By Jenna Tranel | July 19, 2017
Our personal lives and our finances are interdependent. Striking the proper balance between living a full life, and planning for a secure future takes some contemplation about how you live, what matters to you now, and what will matter to you then. The good news is, you can pursue the life you want to live… View Article
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Top 3 Ways to Prepare For Retirement

By Jenna Tranel | June 16, 2017
Approaching your retirement can be a whirlwind and planning for it can seem like a daunting task. Nowadays, there is a lot of information available regarding what you need to do before you retire and sometimes it can be overwhelming. While there are a variety of preparations that must be done in advance, we highlight 3 key ways… View Article
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3 Secrets for a Successful Path to Retirement

By Jenna Tranel | June 5, 2017
It doesn’t take a whole lot of savvy to know there is more to retirement planning than simply stashing money in the mattress. While the path is more involved, rest assured it is not rocket science. Here are the 3 steps for a successful path to retirement: 1.) Plan • The adage that people don’t plan to… View Article
Man and wife meeting a financial planner.

How to Choose the Right Financial Planner

By Jenna Tranel | May 15, 2017
As of April, 2017, there were 77,798 certified financial planners in the U.S. and its territories, according to the CFB Board. So how do you know which one is the right one for you? Here are six key considerations when choosing the right financial planner for you and your financial goals: Are they appropriately credentialed?… View Article
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Travel During Your Retirement

By Jenna Tranel | May 8, 2017
In most of Europe, it is normal to greet friends and even strangers with a kiss on the cheek. In Japan it is a compliment to the chef to slurp your food. In Latin America, showing up 15-30 minutes late is expected; showing up on time would confuse the host because you would be there… View Article