How Much Should I Invest?

By The Tranel Financial Group | April 24, 2019
‘How Much Should I Invest?’ is a common question that we hear at Tranel Financial Group. We have a lot to say about this topic, and we can certainly share the information that will specifically apply to your current situation, not to mention giving you the right investment tools for the future you envision! Not every investment tool or amount is right for every customer. We have aggressive, higher-risk options for investors looking for big returns and for customers who started investing at a later age and want to do some catching up. Likewise, slow and steady investing with strategies… View Article
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Preparing for Retirement in 7 Steps!

By The Tranel Financial Group | February 21, 2019
Preparing for Retirement | Let us Help! Retirement is a huge milestone in your life, and you should be able to approach it with confidence. However, most people have some combination of fear, uncertainty, and excitement as the time draws nearer for them to retire and live the life they’ve always dreamed of. The Tranel Financial Group would like to alleviate some of your worries about preparing for retirement! These 7 steps can assist you in becoming financially prepared for the next phase of life – and also be prepared to enjoy it! 1. Determine Your Retirement Goals Childhood isn’t… View Article
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What Do Lassie and Tranel Advisors Have in Common?

By The Tranel Financial Group | February 15, 2019
How are border collies, Shetland sheepdogs (“Shelties”) and Lassie herself similar to Tranel financial advisors? First, it’s true that Tranel advisors are unusually friendly (for example, you can expect a hug from financial advisor Tyler Braun every time he meets with you). But that’s not the only — or even the most important — way they’re like Lassie. Lassie and other sheepdogs have one main goal in life: ensuring that their charges (whether sheep, other pets, or children) are:      1. Safe    2. In the right place   These dogs routinely make and carry out important decisions to… View Article

Penalty Free Money to Diversify Your Life

By The Tranel Financial Group | February 5, 2019
Retire Smarter | Penalty Free Money To paraphrase Ed Rooney, the principal in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, “We give good kids, bad ideas.” We tell them to go to school, study hard, and get good grades. And if you do, you will get out into the workforce and get a good, secure job. Then, after about 40 or 50 years you’ll have enough savings and benefits to retire and live out the golden years of your life with your penalty free money. It’s a quaint idea really, given that a staggering 50% of the people in this country have zero savings…. View Article

Market Volatility January 2019

By The Tranel Financial Group | January 31, 2019
What created Market Volatility in 2019? What this video to find out! In this episode our Financial Advisor, Tyler Braun, offers a recap of 2019 Market Volatility and where  that volatility came from. The main focus is on the last quarter of 2019 which includes: interest rates, the government shutdown and Tax Tariffs.

Top Questions About Social Security

By The Tranel Financial Group | January 17, 2019
Includes Bonus: 2019 Social Security Cheat Sheet Social Security is something almost every American will have to learn about in their lifetime. That’s why, we have compiled this helpful sheet including the top questions you may have about social security benefits, covered in the section “Top Questions About Social Security”.   Because Social Security has been around for over 80 years, it’s always changing. To keep you updated, we’ve included the latest changes to social security in a “2019 Social Security Cheat Sheet.”   TOP QUESTIONS ABOUT SOCIAL SECURITY 1) What is Social Security? If you’re an American citizen, you… View Article

All You Need to Know About RMDs

By The Tranel Financial Group | January 16, 2019
In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about RMDs. They can be confusing, but Tranel Financial Group is here to help you navigate this important step in your financial planning for your future. From what RMDs are, to how to calculate them, we will guide you through the ins-and-outs of the process. RMDs THE BASICS What are RMDs? You might have already heard the term RMD if you’re getting close to the age 70. RMDs — or Required Minimum Distributions — are a small amount of money you must withdraw from your IRA assets every year… View Article

4 Tranel Tips for Saving Smart in 2019

By The Tranel Financial Group | January 8, 2019
Happy New Year from The Tranel Financial Group Family! We know you have great plans for 2019, so we want to help you achieve them with these 4 financial tips. Whether you want to   Learn powerful (or just fun!) new skills Give your kids a great education Travel to exciting places Begin a healthier and happier lifestyle Jumpstart a new career Bask at Lake Michigan’s beautiful beaches more often (just remember sunscreen!) Spend more time with the people you love Or plan something completely different and unique! You’ll need a sound financial plan in order to enjoy 2019 for… View Article

As You Wish!

By The Tranel Financial Group | January 4, 2019
The Princess Bride and Our Work Family What do you call someone who doesn’t love The Princess Bride? INCONCEIVABLE! It’s full of fencing, fighting, true love, marriage, miracles… And in the end, it’s all about family. Of course, we see Westley and Buttercup ride off into the sunrise as their own new family…just like our own families at home push us to be the best versions of ourselves. But they didn’t ride off alone.   They rode off with their their Work Family.   Because Westley and Buttercup didn’t win their “happily ever after” all on their own. They won… View Article