Retire early with a good nest egg

How Can I Retire Early?

By The Tranel Financial Group | June 18, 2018
How To Retire Early The majority of people look forward to retirement around the age of 65. By that time you’ve slowly built up a savings or retirement nest egg. However, you’ll still need to be careful about protecting what you’ve built. For others, early retirement is on their radar and the good news is,… View Article
The best financial advisors create a financial plan for you.

Top 6 Tips the Best Financial Advisors Have For You

By Jenna Tranel | March 6, 2018
Life is more fun when you get to live it and do the things that make you happy. How can you do that and be financially responsible? With a little effort and the best financial advisors by your side, you can set up the life you’ve always dreamed of having. 1. Have a Plan There… View Article
Financial coaching - feature image.

Do I Need Financial Coaching?

By Jenna Tranel | March 2, 2018
What is Financial Coaching? Basically, financial coaching is an educational, collaborative relationship that allows you to achieve financial freedom. We all know that it’s no big secret. We need to spend less than we earn and then invest what is left very wisely. The question is how do we get it done. Financial coaching fills… View Article
Financial planning for divorce - budget sheet and calculator.

Financial Planning for Divorce

By Jenna Tranel | February 12, 2018
Disagreements about money are often one of the leading causes of divorce. Money can make the process of untangling a couples’ shared financial plan difficult and ugly for both parties. With the assistants of a CDFA, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst also known as a Divorce Financial Planner, the process of divorce can be more… View Article
College financial planning - piggy bank for college savings.

8 Simple College Financial Planning Strategies

By Jenna Tranel | January 22, 2018
Make a Plan for College College financial planning requires foresight, research, vigilance, timing, and an understanding of strategies, options and applicable laws. While that may sound complex, much of the detail can be categorized and simplified into these 8 simple college financial planning strategies. 1. Start Early If You Can Parents should start early by… View Article
Family financial planning - feature.

Why Family Financial Planning is Important for Young Couples

By Jenna Tranel | January 3, 2018
Family financial planning is essential to getting the great start all young couples hope for. You bring to your relationship dreams for a long and happy union. As well, each of you brings a unique set of financial challenges, benefits, and priorities to talk about and address. These can include: Student loans Vehicle loans Credit… View Article
Estate planning tips - pen signing estate plan.

3 Estate Planning Tips You Need To Know

By Jenna Tranel | December 28, 2017
Financial planning serves as a good guide for the growth and maintenance of your assets in pursuit of your financial goals throughout your lifetime, but what happens to your assets and your dependents after you die, or in the event you become unable to make decisions? An estate plan, as a component of a financial… View Article
The Tranel Financial Group - man and graph for investment planning.

Investment Planning Made Simple

By Jenna Tranel | December 22, 2017
Investment planning is not as daunting as it may sound. It’s all about establishing a path and a routine. The rewards of simple investment planning are worth it. You follow simple plans all day long. When you awake in the morning, you know where your first hour of your day will take you. As your… View Article
Tranel being awarded for financial excellence at Money Concepts conference.

Tranel Awarded For Financial Excellence at Money Concepts Annual Conference

By Jenna Tranel | September 27, 2017
In July of 2017, several employees of the Tranel Financial Group were awarded for their excellence and achievement in the area of wealth management and financial planning. These honors were awarded to their recipients at the Money Concepts 2017 Financial Planning Congress held in Charleston, South Carolina. In addition to recognizing excellence throughout the financial… View Article