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Increase Your Financial Literacy

By Jenna Tranel | April 11, 2017
It’s unbelievable that it is a week in to April! We are already a fourth of the way through 2017 and it still feels like it’s just begun. April is an exciting month here in the Midwest; we anxiously wait for the cold wind and freezing rain to fade into a cool breeze and sunny… View Article
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What’s Your Mindset About Financial Services?

By Jenna Tranel | April 3, 2017
We are a couple weeks into spring even if the weather doesn’t feel like it.  Lao Tzu said “What the caterpillar calls the end the rest of the world calls a butterfly.”  No matter what you would like in your life to come to an end, it is a chance for a new beginning.  What… View Article
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Take Control of Your Financial Stability

By Jenna Tranel | March 27, 2017
There are a million strange little holidays hiding in our calendar. If you take the time to Google it, you could find a holiday for just about anything. And if you can’t find the holiday you want, you could have made one up to celebrate yesterday, March 26th, Make Up your Own Holiday Day. Some… View Article
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Start Your Financial Goals in March

By Jenna Tranel | March 20, 2017
March Madness starts this week and things are about to get crazy in the sports world. According to WalletHub, last year, the cost of the Final Four was $8.4 million! How much will it cost this year? Maybe you’re creating brackets and placing bets or maybe you are just eager to watch the games and… View Article
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Are You Planning For Retirement?

By Jenna Tranel | March 17, 2017
Top o the mornin’ to ya, it’s Saint Patrick’s Day! Whether you’re having a shamrock shake or some Irish coffee, I hope your day is off to an amazing start. Maybe you treat it as a normal Friday or perhaps it’s your favorite holiday to celebrate, either way it’s a good day—who doesn’t love Friday?… View Article
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Employee Appreciation Day!

By Jenna Tranel | March 6, 2017
March 10th is coming up in just a few days. In case you haven’t heard, it’s Employee Appreciation Day! Here at The Tranel Financial group we love to appreciate our team, and not just on March 10th. For us, appreciation is not just saying, “good job” once a year, it is about truly appreciating everything… View Article
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Are You Ready To Retire?

By Jenna Tranel | February 24, 2017
A whole year has passed and it’s that day again. It is the day where you can shamelessly eat an entire box of donuts or dip all of your foods in chocolate. There will be no pressure to order a salad at the lunch with the girls and no having to turn down your three-year-old… View Article
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How to Hire in the Financial Management Industry

By Jenna Tranel | February 20, 2017
President’s Day is today!  It is a time to honor and remember our presidents. Today we fondly remember Thomas Jefferson as he fought for our nation’s independence. We look back on Abraham Lincoln and the Emancipation proclamation, believing in freedom for all. We admire Ulysses S. Grant, a brave hero from the Cold War who… View Article
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What Makes A Successful Relationship With A Financial Advisor?

By Jenna Tranel | February 14, 2017
Most people would say that open and honest communication is important to any relationship, whether it be romantic or friendships. Our advisors are friends with our clients and you would treat friends and clients the same! According to the Huffington Post, “Trust is one of the most important components of any relationship. Nothing brings people… View Article