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Are You Ready To Retire?

By Jenna Tranel | February 24, 2017
A whole year has passed and it’s that day again. It is the day where you can shamelessly eat an entire box of donuts or dip all of your foods in chocolate. There will be no pressure to order a salad at the lunch with the girls and no having to turn down your three-year-old… View Article
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How to Hire in the Financial Management Industry

By Jenna Tranel | February 20, 2017
President’s Day is today!  It is a time to honor and remember our presidents. Today we fondly remember Thomas Jefferson as he fought for our nation’s independence. We look back on Abraham Lincoln and the Emancipation proclamation, believing in freedom for all. We admire Ulysses S. Grant, a brave hero from the Cold War who… View Article
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What Makes A Successful Relationship With A Financial Advisor?

By Jenna Tranel | February 14, 2017
Most people would say that open and honest communication is important to any relationship, whether it be romantic or friendships. Our advisors are friends with our clients and you would treat friends and clients the same! According to the Huffington Post, “Trust is one of the most important components of any relationship. Nothing brings people… View Article
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A Comfortable Retirement For Valentine’s Day

By Jenna Tranel | February 7, 2017
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and love is in the air! How do you plan to express your love for your significant other? Perhaps with a romantic candle-lit dinner?  Or The Tranel Financial Group can help you plan your romantic trip to Paris! Or, maybe you’re planning on sharing a comfortable retirement together,… View Article
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Do You Work Smarter or Harder?

By Jenna Tranel | January 30, 2017
Now that we have hit the one-month mark in 2017, it is time to ask yourself: have I stayed true to my New Year’s resolution? If the answer is yes, then keep it up! If you have deviated from it, there is still a whole lot of year left to get back on track. One… View Article
Think about your future & plan for retirement.

Maximize Your Retirement For Long-Term Financial Growth

By Jenna Tranel | January 23, 2017
How are you doing on your new years goals? The most common goals are to lose weight and save more money. Do you have a timeline to your goals; long term or short term? Is it possible to know your financial needs for the future if you can never know your lifespan for certain? Ensure… View Article
Whether you are a babyboomer or millennial, you need to think about Retirement.

Start Your Nest Egg With Early Retirement Planning

By Jenna Tranel | January 12, 2017
Are you laying nest eggs early [in your career], I’d certainly hope so! Take advantage of the beginning of the year.  Are you at the right job? Do you have a passion for the work you do day-to-day? It’s January – It’s a time of new beginnings and goals. New Year goals revolve around aspirations… View Article

A New Year is Here, Don’t Make Irrational Financial Decisions

By Jenna Tranel | January 9, 2017
A new year is delicate, a time that can lead to irrational decisions…. Like deciding to sky dive as your new year resolution! “Emotions, when channeled improperly, can lead to irrational decisions. They will often cause you to make the wrong decision with your money at the wrong time. When it comes to investments, what… View Article

Suburban business owners honored

By Jenna Tranel | August 12, 2016
Roch Tranel was among 23 of the entrepreneurs who were recognized at the 15th annual Entrepreneurial Excellence Awards.  He achieved his vision of starting his own business, the Tranel Financial Group, by helping clients Enjoy a Better Life™. Read the full article at the Daily Herald