What Do Lassie and Tranel Advisors Have in Common?

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How are border collies, Shetland sheepdogs ("Shelties") and Lassie herself similar to Tranel financial advisors?

First, it's true that Tranel advisors are unusually friendly (for example, you can expect a hug from financial advisor Tyler Braun every time he meets with you).

But that's not the only -- or even the most important -- way they're like Lassie.

Lassie and other sheepdogs have one main goal in life: ensuring that their charges (whether sheep, other pets, or children) are:


   1. Safe

   2. In the right place


These dogs routinely make and carry out important decisions to achieve that safety.

financial advisors

That's exactly what Tranel's financial advisors strive to do with your investments: keep them safe and ensure they're exactly where they'll benefit you most.


Of course, advisors can only do this if they deeply understand your unique situation and personal goals.

So Tranel advisors follow a 4-step process for executive financial planning.


In the first 3 steps, your advisor gets to know you, your vision for your family, what types of investments you feel comfortable with, and -- most of all -- why you're investing in the first place.

financial advisors
You'll walk away with:
   1. Clarity and confidence about your financial goals (Steps 1 and 2)
   2. A custom-tailored action plan showing how your advisor will help you achieve them (Step 3)


But unlike many larger firms, your advisor won't vanish once those initial meetings are over, only giving you annual updates from then on (if you're lucky)

Your Tranel advisor won't stop watching over your financial future.


That's why we call Step 4 of our Executive Financial Plan "Faithful Watch."

Our Faithful Watch Program

Now that you're taking positive steps towards enjoying a better life using your personal action plan (Step 3), your advisor will go the distance with you.

They'll regularly review your portfolio with your financial team and, if necessary, move your investments to where they'll do you most good. Their watchfulness helps ensure that your investments are always working hard for you.

In addition to shepherding your money through market fluctuations, economic cycles, tax changes, and estate law changes, your advisor will also meet with you regularly. This isn't just for them to update you; it's also for you to update them with changes in your goals and personal situation.

So you'll have a partner to help keep your plan on track, adapt it when things change, and stick with you for the long haul.

So whatever comes up, you'll won't navigate the uncertainty alone. You'll do it with financial clarity, calm, and the guidance of your advisor.


(Also at least one hug, if that advisor is Tyler.)

financial advisors

Finally -- if you're interested but on the fence about whether we're the right fit for you, don't worry; you can find out soon through a free, no-pressure, no-strings meeting with one of our advisors. We'll be happy to listen!

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