Cody Braun

As long as you love serving people, you will never run out of people to serve.”

Cody Braun

Cody Braun is centered on growing his team and company both personally and professionally. With his previous experience at Harley Davidson Corporation, he has the skills and knowledge to help people towards living their ideal financial life. Cody knows what truly drives his team and helps clients set attainable goals. As a key-note speaker at a national conference, Cody finds value in teaching others how to improve their life by attending growth conferences, bringing fun to the table, and encouraging others to step outside their comfort zone. Cody’s hobbies include his family, playing sports, being outdoorsy, motorcycles, camping, faith, being a mentor and serving in the community with his family and company.

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Qualifications & Education

University of Whitewater—Wisconsin
BA in General Business and Emphasis in Entrepreneurship
Minor in Coaching
Licenses: S7, S65 & S63, Life Accident and Health


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