The Ultimate in Libertyville Networking

Quick – Name a business that doesn’t involve relationships.
That’s right, there are none. The truth is, no one goes it alone. Doug Ales, an executive well known in the electrical industry, once said, “If your business comes from relationships, relationships should be your business.”


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Referrals are so important when going to Networking Events. We want to ensure that attendees are getting value, and a great value add is referrals. 

2nd Quarter Statistics:

  • Average attendance was 50 people 
  • Raised $1,031 that went to 8 different charities
  • 91 referrals were given out during the month of June
  • Average of two new people attend the meeting ever week 

Network and Connect

You have relationships with your customers, your vendors, your family, friends, neighbors and other businesses in your community. You even have relationships with competitors who share your target market. All of them help your business, and all of them know someone who knows someone. When you seek to expand that circle, you are networking, why not try Libertyville networking?

Chambers of Commerce and community organizations are one type of networking. But Libertyville networking has its own unique style that is as unique as the community itself: helpful, fun, friendly, focused on thriving and doing good, together.

Freedom One Networking is a local group that provides the best in Libertyville networking. This group believes that we all succeed when YOU succeed. And what better way to get to know each other and how we can work together than by focusing on doing good for the community?

Get the Ultimate Resource at Tranel

We make introductions, we interconnect, we share and we grow.

Each meeting begins with a brief opening, which flows into updates regarding local chambers of commerce and charities, and then on to sharing.

We share by introducing ourselves and others, sharing summaries and updates regarding our businesses, and by providing the “Ultimate Resource.” The Ultimate Resource is a presentation that concludes each meeting and always aims to provide meaningful takeaways that will help us all grow personally, as well as benefit our businesses.

Freedom One Networking is Libertyville networking at its best. Join us each Thursday (at the Tranel Financial Group in Libertyville) from 7:15 pm to 8:30pm. Of course, we welcome you; we love meeting new faces. There is no charge to attend; all we ask is that you be a member of a local chamber, or a member of a community organization. Whichever date and location you choose, arrive early and bring lots of business cards! See you there!

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