Virtual Classroom: Unlock Your Financial Future

September 1st

Looking for 3 core principles to apply to your life? We can help you enhance your goals and you can start to feel accomplished quickly!

Come to our virtual classroom to learn these core principles for 2021:
Know How to Save Money to Spend Money
Setup Growth and Income Buckets
Know Your Financial Independence

Virtual Classroom: Current Client Mastermind Group

September 8th
6:00 pm

Tranel Mastermind Group is an opportunity to gain financial clarity and advice on topics that matter to you. We help to break down finance topics that are applicable to your specific situation and we share actionable steps that can help you improve your financial situation.…

Virtual Classroom: Live Q&A with a CDFA®

September 15th

Ask us anything! Jennifer Merida, CDFA®, will be answering commonly asked questions about finances in divorce. She will go through difference in assets, checklist items normally forgotten, taxes and division of assets.