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Why Tranel? Because life is long—and getting longer

By The Tranel Financial Group | June 27, 2019
Good news! Sort of… The good news is that you’re more likely to live to 97 than anyone else in history! Statistics show that, currently, 25% of 65-year-old married couples have at least one spouse who will live to be at least 97 years old. And if you’re younger than 65 and relatively healthy, you… View Article
Millenial retirement planning

Retirement Tips for Millennials

By The Tranel Financial Group | June 24, 2019
Millennial Retirement Planning | It is Never Too Early to Prepare While retirement may seem like a far off dream, it is never too early for millennial retirement planning. It can take decades to prepare for your retirement, and the longer you put it off, the harder it can be to pull together the savings… View Article

Financial Freedom

By The Tranel Financial Group | June 21, 2019
What does financial freedom mean? What does it feel like, and look like? The answer is different for everyone. That’s why we created our Life Enjoyment Experience Process, which helps anyone to achieve their unique vision by achieving financial freedom first. So what are some of the goals our clients have achieved? For some, financial… View Article