It’s Beyond Estate Planning Chicago, It’s Ensuring

Your family, your values, your beliefs—all of these hold importance. Legacy planning gives you the ability to communicate your wishes in both financial and narrative terms. Because we understand you, we’re the perfect partner to walk you through the Legacy process and help you craft clear instructions for what comes next.

Helping you articulate what legacy you want to leave.

You’ve worked a lifetime and managed your finances well through the years. In addition to enjoying a fulfilling retirement, you now have the ability to plan for how your estate will help the next generation. What do you want to leave your children, grandchildren and other beneficiaries? Are there institutions, religious organizations or charities that had a profound influence on your life, that you in turn want to impact? A variety of financial tools can be employed to meet your specific goals.

We help you develop an Ethical Will, so you can use your Legacy plan to share your values and hopes and dreams for those left behind. We discuss things such as what you want your family to learn from your experiences, what you believe is important in life, what you hope your family will do with the inheritance, and the values and traditions you want your family to learn. This is a meaningful gift you give your heirs, your final grant of love and support.

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