Side-by-side, we’ll help you navigate the financial complexities of a divorce.

Working with a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) is essential to avoid the most common financial mistakes made in a divorce. Divorce financial planning utilizes proven tools to help you work past emotions and frustrations to separate assets in a fair and equitable manner. It starts with uncovering your financial needs, challenges and goals through our unique step-by-step process. Our mission is to bring clarity to the complex issues of your case. We guide and empower you with the knowledge and resources necessary to make smart decisions that set you up for a successful financial future.

What a CDFA can do for you.

Did you know disputes about money are the leading cause of divorce? Beginning the divorce process with a CFDA consultation is a financially responsible choice and is recommended as the first step in the divorce process—even before consulting an attorney. Unnecessary money disagreements are often the difference between an inexpensive, amicable divorce or an ugly dragged-out case that costs both parties too much money and heartache.

By involving a CDFA in the planning stage before you even begin the actual divorce process, you can get early advice on what steps to take. A CDFA plays a critical role in helping accelerate the process and ensuring both parties feel the split was equitable and fair to avoid a trip back to court.

Attorneys aren’t qualified to give direction on financial issues, nor do they want the liability.

There are many things to consider when dividing marital assets. Capital gains. Benefit plans. Executive compensation. Complex tax consequences. By bringing clarity to the financial component, a CDFA is an important part of your team, along with your attorney. We offer flexible meeting options and can meet with you before you meet with an attorney or while your attorney is present.

We keep it simple for you so you can focus on what matters most.

The stress and uncertainty of divorce can cause people to make financial mistakes that will have lasting consequences. The CDFA will examine every decision and question every proposal to help make sure you receive the assets to which you are entitled. We know education is the key to empowering you to take control of your finances and achieve peace of mind. Your CDFA will map out everything you need to know in a visual, easy-to-understand method that brings clarity to your financial future. By helping you organize your portfolio and position your assets effectively, we help set you up for long-term success. With in-person and virtual meeting options, rest assured your advisor is readily available in the manner that you need.

Your lifelong advocate for success.

Lawyer meetings. Late-night crunches. You can count on your advisor to be by your side through thick and thin. And that doesn’t end when your divorce is finalized. We’re here to help ensure your financial success through every big life event, guiding you down a path that fits your lifestyle, helps you achieve your financial goals and marks your legacy.

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Jennifer Merida
My goal is to help you gain control over your finances by providing clarity and direction, so you can cultivate this new phase of your life with confidence.

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We’re here for you. Free resources to help make a difficult process easier.

There are numerous financial considerations when going through a divorce—leaving many frustrated, confused and overwhelmed. We’ve put together resources in response to popular questions clients have to help you stay organized and bring clarity to a complex process.

Where do I start?

Developing an organizational system that works for you will prevent you from drowning in a sea of paperwork. Being able to put your hands on a document the moment your lawyer or CDFA professional asks for it will save you time and money, reducing stress. Here are some free resources to help you prepare for meetings.

What expenses do I need to plan for?

Before even considering how you’ll split resources, you must first evaluate what monetary resources you really need going forward—which is often more than you think. This comprehensive expense worksheet will walk you through many considerations, so you can see how costs add up to develop an effective plan.

What are my assets?

There are many things that need to be considered when dividing marital assets. Unnecessary money disagreements can quickly lead to an ugly, costly and dragged-out case. A fair split of assets and household inventory starts with mapping out everything you have.

What should I consider when evaluating a separation agreement?

Although you certainly need to ask for your lawyer’s advice, you are ultimately responsible for evaluating the draft agreement. Here are critical questions to ask yourself when analyzing a separation agreement.

Four surprises to avoid while going through a divorce.

We’ll send you a series of four emails that educate you on how to avoid unwanted surprises.

Keep in mind that a CDFA is not an expert in divorce law and does not provide legal advice, so it is always a good idea to have a qualified attorney to represent your best interest and assist you.