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Supporting the Lake County Community

At Tranel, we credit much of our success to the support and patronage of the Lake County community. As a local, family-owned business for more than 20 years, we don’t just serve the city around us – we are a part of it. That’s why we are deeply committed to giving back to the people that have done so much for us. This year we have been proud to sponsor and volunteer for many local charities and events throughout the area, just a few of which we’ve detailed below.

Feed My Starving Children

This past May, our team at Tranel Financial, in partnership with Gages Lake Auto and Freedom One, assembled a group of 100 volunteers for a packaging party. Together, we packed 125 boxes, fed 74 kids for a full year and spent $5,940. Nutrition for young leaders will help them grow to have an abundant impact on the world.

Sleep In Heavenly Peace

In 2019, we decided to impact the community by building and providing beds to children who go without. Sleep is very important and it’s critical to provide our young ones with a secure spot each night. We are excited to now deliver the beds in 2020.

Our Work with St. Joseph of Libertyville

Throughout the years we’ve been proud to support the work done in the community by Libertyville’s St. Joseph Catholic Church. In June 2019, our CFO Eric Cima joined a group from the parish in Appalachia to help rebuild a residential home.

Later that summer, Executive Assistant Stephanie Walsh donated her time and money to participate in Dash Around the Lake, a 5K at the Mundelein Seminary that helped raise money for St. Joseph’s Appalachia Mission Trip.

Walk Into Abundance

We’re launching a program called Walk into Abundance. This program is designed to help a family or an individual that is in need. We are putting together a personalized structured process on how we are going to walk alongside that person and help them in their walk of life. This plan will include everything from education to surrounding them with resources that will help them think differently about finances, life, and opportunities. There will be exposure to a network of professionals, one on one coaching and invites to great events like The Global Leadership Summit. The whole idea is to change the course that this family or individual is on.

Selecting a Family

Please provide:

  1. The number of family members currently in the household.
  2. Your current situation and why you/they are ready for a change.
  3. What would help the family or individual the most and why this program would be of value.
    With this information, please create a video or a write-up and upload video via this link or through emailing

Once all videos and written stories have been submitted, our selection committee will review each one with care. A decision will be based on which family/individual we feel we can have the greatest impact on. Selected stories will be interviewed in April. This family/individual will receive a plan of action which will include counseling, coaching, mentoring and a network of people to serve them.

What We Are Looking For:

  1. Committed and seeking to change current situation with the help of others
  2. Over the age of 16 years old
  3. Open to sharing your story
  4. Participate in one on one coaching
  5. Attend events
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