Complimentary 8 Things I Wish I Knew Before I got Divorced Book!


It had been nearly three years since her divorce was finalized, but Veronica was still attending marriage counseling with her ex-husband. She wasn’t looking to rekindle a relationship – especially one that she considered past salvaging in the first place. She did not still love her ex-husband. She did not want to develop a friendly relationship. She was under no illusions about the fact that their differences were unquestionably irreconcilable. Veronica went to marriage counseling because her ex-husband demanded it, and, even after all this time, she was terrified to say no to his demands.  He refused to give her a portion of the money that he still owed her from the divorce settlement until she gave their marriage one more try. This “one more try” had lasted over two years, and showed no signs of ending.

“You need to tell your lawyer.” Her financial advisor told her. “What he’s doing is illegal. You are owed that money.” But Veronica didn’t. She had spent too many years living under the control of Louis – 31 years to be exact – and while she objectively knew that he had no right to make any demands of her, she couldn’t help but give in to him.

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