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Are You Ready To Retire?

A whole year has passed and it’s that day again. It is the day where you can shamelessly eat an entire box of donuts or dip all of your foods in chocolate. There will be no pressure to order a salad at the lunch with the girls and no having to turn down your three-year-old grandson when he asks for a piece of candy. That’s right, it’s Mardi Gras: good old fat Tuesday. Tomorrow is the day to treat yourself, relax, and celebrate! Treating yourself and relaxing is what you can also be doing when you retire. The Tranel Financial Group can help you start your financial planning when you are ready to retire.

Mardi Gras masks and beads, ready for fun and ready to retire.

So many times in life are we told to settle down: as children when we can’t stop fidgeting our parents tell us to “settle down,” as young adults we graduate high school and college, and society puts pressure on us to “settle down” and find a house, a job, and a spouse.  Then, around the time when we are telling our grandkids to “settle down,” we start thinking about settling down and retiring. But, just because we are “settled” in whatever stage of life doesn’t mean we can’t go out and go a little crazy on special days like Mardi Gras. No matter how settled you are, you can still have an extra scoop of ice cream; Mardi Gras made you do it!

How Do You Know When You Are Ready To Retire?

There are great days to go crazy but there are also days to ask yourself if you are ready to settle down and retire. Remember, that doesn’t mean you’ll never get to have fun.  In fact, if you are well prepared for retirement it could actually be more fun.

The question is how do you know when you are ready to retire? There’s a lot to think about and it can get overwhelming. It is important to sit down and make a written out plan of your goals and your necessary expenses before you actually retire. It is a great idea to meet with a financial advisor and go over your retirement plan. They can answer all your questions and help put you on the correct track to reach your financial goals.

Have Fun While Planning Your Retirement

Here, at Tranel, our mission is to help you Enjoy A Better Life™ by sharing unique financial strategies, delivered in a professional and exceptional full-service environment. Financial advisors take our clients through the Life Enjoyment Experience™. This multi-step process takes clients from an initial assessment of their current situation and initial goal setting, to a living, working financial plan that helps them to experience the greatest enjoyment out of life. This process is designed to increase the client’s power of their assets, and expand their investment experience and understanding. Regardless of age, income, current savings or life goals, it is important to begin developing a financial plan today. The earlier you plan, the better set up you will be financially and mentally for when the time to retire is right for you. It is important to have a budget to manage expenses and a schedule to pay debts. Make it a fun date and bring your spouse to your meetings with a financial advisor. That ensures you are both on the same page and have common goals and strategies for retirement.

At The Tranel Financial Group, your financial advisor will look at your individual needs before anything else. We will help you determine where you are today, where you want to be, and how you will get there. Then we will offer you the guidance to help you stay on track.

Go out, have some fun, enjoy the guilty pleasures of Fat Tuesday. Go a little crazy for the holiday and then come to The Tranel Financial Group when you are ready to retire. Let us help you settle down into your perfect retirement plan, and don’t settle for anything less.