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Coronavirus Market Update

State Of The Market

The Coronavirus has put the nation into a sudden economic halt as more than 3 million Americans have filed a jobless claim in the last week. Many states are now issuing “Shelter In Place” and “Safer At Home” orders that require citizens to stay indoors unless they need to perform essential activities.

The Dow Jones has closed out the worst first quarter in history as it finished down 23% for the quarter. The S&P 500 recorded it’s worst quarter since the recession in 2008. In the last week, however, there have been positive signs as the Dow spiked 4000 points in just a week.

To support Americans in this challenging time, legislation has passed the $2 trillion stimulus package. This stimulus will provide relief to households throughout the country with stimulus checks sent to most Americans, expanded unemployment benefits, and suspended student payments.




How To Navigate A Bear Market

First and foremost, stay calm. While you may be concerned about your retirement plans, we recommend staying the course. The stock market has a strong track record of rebounding from losses like we’ve seen over the last few weeks. Keep funding your 401(k) or IRA and don’t make drastic moves out of fear or other strong emotions.


Understanding The Current Market with Jordan Bradford

Comparing This Market To The Recession in 2008

The current economic situation is very different than the recession we experienced in 2008. Jordan Bradford, Financial Advisor with The Tranel Financial Group, explains the differences and what we may be able to expect moving forward.

An Update To Required Minimum Distribution (RMDs)

Congress recently passed the CARES Act and it’s impacted RMDs. Jordan Bradford, financial advisor at Tranel Financial, provides a quick overview of the changes in this short three-minute video.