Tranel Talks Column

Happiness Homemade by Our Client Delight Team

In today’s rapidly evolving world of technology-driven financial services, where algorithms analyze market trends and chatbots provide customer support, the importance of human interaction often gets overshadowed. At The Tranel Financial Group, we understand that behind every transaction, every investment decision, and every financial goal, there’s a human story. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to prioritize authentic engagement through our dedicated Client Delight Team.

The Client Delight Team is a concept that our Founder Roch Tranel Came up with to ensure that clients feel loved, significant and heard. He wanted the Client Delight Team to leave a lasting impression with personalized touches and a listening ear with each client. Over 30 years later our Client Delight Team still shows up everyday with these same goals in mind. They are here to help make everyday amazing.

Meet Kim Hernandez, she has been with our business for 6 years and ensures that the phone is answered or followed up within 1 hour of calling in. She takes pride in listening to our clients and asking questions about their day to day lives. She has lived all over, traveled lots and her husband was in the military, so she is very relatable with our clients.

Meet Heather Noyer, she is the smiling face that you see when you walk in our office! She is also second on the phone tree after Kim to ensure that clients are always getting the best personalized care when calling into our office.

Tony, recently retired after 18 years with us, was part of the client delight team and ensured that he stayed abreast of all the milestones happening in our clients lives. Based on our data, Tony always had the longest conversations with clients. We will miss you!

The Client Delight team is there to listen first, guide second and make our clients feel loved. We appreciate their dedication and excitement everytime the phone rings. It feels like every call is their first phone call of the day when talking to our team. The Tranel Financial Group is proud and excited to have a team dedicated to listening to our clients and helping make everyday amazing outside of financial planning.

Next time you call in make sure to say hi to them!

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