What Is a Libertyville Wealth Planner?

By Jenna Tranel | December 29, 2020
A Libertyville wealth planner is a type of financial consultant who acts as the key financial figure to their clients’ lives. They have a central role in every financial decision that a client will make. This means that a good Libertyville wealth planner will work hard and enable the trust of their clients. There are several important things that financial consultants and Libertyville wealth planners help their clients with. Retirement Planning Often put off for another day, but always a matter of importance, retirement planning is one of the most important services offered by a Libertyville wealth planner. Most people… View Article

4 Ways a Financial Consultant Can Help You Prepare for Retirement

By Jenna Tranel | December 29, 2020
Retirement is meant to be a stretch of time where you’re able to relax and spend time with family and friends while reaping the benefits of a hard-working life. Unfortunately, many people aren’t able to retire when they want or how they want because of their financial obligations. Considering that one-third of Americans have no savings for retirement, it’s not surprising to see this predicament. For people who are wondering how they will afford their retirement, it’s best to think and plan ahead. A financial consultant or retirement planner could assist you in managing your assets and preparing for the… View Article

Market Status Update – Post Election

By The Tranel Financial Group | November 16, 2020
The latest Stock Market news with Tranel Financial The election process is complete and we thought it would be beneficial to share some insights regarding post-election stock market trends. This update will be a little longer than the previous posts to encompass the last two weeks.   For the week ending November 6th: DJIA – up 6.9% S&P 500 – up 7.4% NASDAQ – up 9.0%   After the markets dropped by around 6% in the week leading up to the election, the major indexes rebounded strongly, recovering the losses and then some. Much of the reaction can be attributed… View Article

Give The Gift of Financial Success This Year

By The Tranel Financial Group | November 11, 2020
Gain financial freedom with Tranel Financial Financial independence is something that we all strive for to give us the greatest gift we can have in life – the freedom to make our own decisions and our own future. As parents we work to do our very best for our children and want to give them the skills they need to achieve their goals and dreams. Today The Tranel Financial Group is giving you the opportunity to give your children the gift of financial freedom through a customized written plan with our devoted advisors. Your children will receive the following: An… View Article

Market Status Update – 10/8/20

By The Tranel Financial Group | October 8, 2020
The latest Stock Market news with Tranel Financial Here is the market update for the last week, Sept. 28th – Oct. 2nd.   DJIA – up 1.9% S&P 500 – up 1.5% NASDAQ – up 1.5%   With all three major markets up between 1-2% last week, we snapped a 4 week decline in the markets. The declines in the month of September, however, snapped 5 straight months of gains following the big first quarter declines triggered by the pandemic. The president tested positive for COVID-19 late last Thursday, which sent the market down Friday as the country continues to brace… View Article

Understanding How Financial Advisors Get Paid

By The Tranel Financial Group | September 23, 2020
How We Get Paid Here At The Tranel Financial Group One of the frequent questions that we get from clients or prospective clients early in the process is, what is the cost to work with a financial advisor? There’s a notion out there that it is extremely expensive to work with an advisor or you have to have a ton of money to work with an advisor, so we just wanted to talk about how we actually get paid or how we charge our clients to work with them.   On the one side there is our assets under management… View Article

Asset Management vs. Financial Planning

By The Tranel Financial Group | September 23, 2020
Understanding The Difference Between Financial Services Asset management and financial planning tend to be used interchangeably. Just like financial advisor, financial planner, and wealth manager are all used the same. There is a true difference between asset management and financial planning. Through this read, you will notice key differences, make sure to reflect on the financial professional you work with to see if he or she accomplishes parts, if not all of these action items.   Asset management, as described by Investopedia, is the direction of all or part of a client’s portfolio by a financial professional. A firm or… View Article

Market Status Update – 9/14/20

By The Tranel Financial Group | September 14, 2020
The latest Stock Market news with Tranel Financial The last couple of weeks have brought back some volatility that had been absent from the market recently. Here is our market update for the week of 9/7 – 9/11:   DJIA – down 1.6% S&P 500 – down 2.5% NASDAQ – down 4.1%   For the second week in a row, all 3 major US Indexes fell. The NASDAQ led the drop, falling into a correction on Tuesday as the index was down 10% from its’ record high set just a few days earlier. Many of the largest tech companies weighed… View Article

Market Status Update – 8/12/20

By The Tranel Financial Group | August 12, 2020
Get the latest Stock Market news with Tranel Financial We’re back with another market update. This time we’ll be covering the week of August 3 – August 7, 2020.   DJIA – up 3.9% S&P 500 – up 2.5% NASDAQ – up 2.5%   The S&P 500 moved positive for the 5th time in the last 6 weeks and is within 1% of the record high set earlier in the year, while the NASDAQ surged past its record set just a week prior and eclipsed 11,000 for the first time ever, on Thursday. Recent technology earnings have continued to push the… View Article