Jenna Bradford

My true passion is problem-solving and invigorating those around me.”

Jenna Bradford


Jenna was welcomed into The Tranel Financial Group after graduating from Illinois Wesleyan in 2015, working in Operations and Human Resources. She mentored under the President before transitioning to Sales and Marketing. As she touches many departments, she can connect many different situations together to help propel the company forward faster. Jenna loves to empower people and motivate the team to achieve their goals. Jenna is a naturally hyper person which is always a delight when clients come in and she is there to greet them. Her true passion is problem-solving and invigorating her team.

Jenna’s hobbies include being outside. She is focused on helping the environment and will weave this into any conversation. She has hiked many peaks throughout the world and will continue to hike until her legs will not go any further. Her workouts are what give her this abundance of energy. Jenna has lived abroad and is bi-lingual.

Qualifications & Education

Illinois Wesleyan University
Bachelor of Arts in Business Management
Minor in Hispanic Studies and Secondary Education
Google Analytics Certified
Facebook Blueprint Graduate


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