Tranel Talks Column

Successfully Navigating the Hybrid Environment

Time to read: 3 Minutes

It’s no secret that the modern workplace has undergone a significant transformation as more team members desire more from a workplace. Team members are looking for a place that has passion behind their projects and the work they do matters. Post COVID-19, businesses were changed forever and their need to adapt to a hybrid work environment, blending in-person and remote arrangements was a necessity. Incorporating hybrid teams expands your talent pool and allows for international collaboration which can lead to better ideas! As a business that believes it has successfully adopted this work model we are excited to discuss the benefits and challenges we have overcome.

We as a company are at an advantage when adopting a hybrid environment because our president Jenna Bradford works remotely herself and spends one week+ a month in person. This gives her a unique perspective about how to best accommodate our remote employees based on first hand experience which she has taken into account when coming up with innovative solutions to combat the common difficulties related to a hybrid work environment.

We have some employees that are completely remote out of different states, some that are hybrid, and some that are in person so this can pose some challenges when it comes to work culture and holding people accountable.

In our company, maintaining accountability in a hybrid work environment is paramount, and we employ several effective practices to ensure everyone remains aligned and productive. Regular virtual check-ins with each employee serve as a cornerstone, allowing for open communication, goal setting, and progress tracking. Our team uses an instant communication message system that keeps our team connected and on the same page throughout the day. We have a team member also dedicated to team engagement and culture. This is a priority as most remote team members communicate that they feel lonely. Having a person on the team dedicated to engaging with everyone makes our team feel loved, significant, secure.

When a hybrid team is working with clients in office and virtual, we must use tools like Google Calendar to help streamline scheduling and keep everyone informed about meetings and deadlines. Additionally, utilizing a CRM system enables us to centralize data and monitor key metrics, ensuring that everyone stays on track with their objectives. Moreover, we empower our team members by encouraging them to take accountability (accountability starts with a strong culture and clear work standards – standard operating procedures always matter!). By fostering a culture of self-responsibility, individuals are encouraged to proactively devise strategies to meet their goals and deliver results. This holistic approach not only fosters individual growth but also strengthens our collective commitment to excellence.

Another big challenge businesses face with a hybrid environment is keeping company culture alive. At The Tranel Financial Group, we take our culture seriously and have come up with innovative and fun ways to keep it as strong as ever. Picture this: Monday morning meetings where we swap success stories, tackle hurdles, and set our sights on new goals. We’re all about making sure every team member, near or far, feels the love. From fun team-building shenanigans to virtual high-fives, we make sure no one’s left out. And hey, who says parties can’t be virtual? We beam the fun straight to our remote pals, so no one misses out on the good times. By embracing diversity and staying flexible, we keep our culture strong, no matter where we are!

The use of these different strategies has been effective to ensure that our team feels included, motivated, and loved. By keeping our team members top of mind, alongside our clients, we have seen continuous success as a team by striving to deliver the best possible experience for each and every client who walks through our doors, physically and virtually. With a strong leadership team in place to ensure that our standards of excellence are met and exceeded every day, our organization has enabled our remote, hybrid, and in-person team to be the best that we can be.