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What Makes A Successful Relationship With A Financial Advisor?

Most people would say that open and honest communication is important to any relationship, whether it be romantic or friendships. Our advisors are friends with our clients and you would treat friends and clients the same! According to the Huffington Post, “Trust is one of the most important components of any relationship. Nothing brings people together like trust…
will you accept this rose?
When you think in terms of “WE” rather than “I” you build the relationship and develop trust within your partnership.” This partnership with clients is a “we” relationship. Advisors and clients have at least 10 touches a year via newsletters, birthday calls, holiday emails, client meetings and market updates. With that, clients receive a confirmation call from our receptionist, confirm email and a follow up email. At The Tranel Financial Group, over communication is not a thing. When a client joins our firm, we want them to feel a part of something. To help enhance the trust in our relationship, each financial advisor is trained on the same process, The Life Enjoyment Experience. Ratson comments, “To gain your partner’s trust, you must be reliable. If you say you will do something, do it,” Which ties into our Relationships section of F.I.L.T.E.R.

Tranel Believes in Relationships

Relationships – Enhance people’s lives. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. All relationships are built on trust and the fastest way to succeed in this role is to.
1.            Do what you say
2.            Finish what you start
3.            Show up on time
We believe that the by answering the phone in a consistent manner (Thank you for calling The Tranel Financial Group, this is Jenna, How may I make your day amazing?) and having the same training process regardless of the position helps instill trust in our clients.
The last aspect of a successful relationship, is develop a friendship. Our advisor have developed close ties to our clients. We know when grandchildren are born, surgeries, loved ones have passed, or kids going to college. Our advisors send around cards during different life events to send to clients. This helps develop deep relationships and values with our clients.

Connect with a Tranel Financial Advisor For Valentine’s Day 

For any of our clients or walk-ins that come in on Tuesday, Feb 14th, we will give them a rose. Happy Valentine’s Day Week from your favorite financial advisors!
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