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Why Tranel? Because life is long—and getting longer

Good news! Sort of…The good news is that you’re more likely to live to 97 than anyone else in history!

Statistics show that, currently, 25% of 65-year-old married couples have at least one spouse who will live to be at least 97 years old.

And if you’re younger than 65 and relatively healthy, you probably have an even higher chance of living till 100, since continually improving healthcare has caused the average life expectancy to keep rising for over a century.

Our longer lifespans mean that we have more opportunities than ever to explore, discover, travel, achieve our goals, and enjoy time with the people we love.

This is good news for sure…but only if those additional years are spent in peace and security. If you have a good-sized nest egg and wise investments to support your lifestyle, activities, and medical expenses, these golden years could be the best of your life.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Financial security often eludes retirees; in fact, the average American working couple has only $5,000 saved for retirement.

And things aren’t looking great for future retirees:


BUT…Don’t panic!

This isn’t the end of the world, or even the end of yours. It just means that enjoying your retirement will take some initiative from you, and some planning with an experienced and successful financial advisor.

Fortunately, if you’re in northern Illinois or southern Wisconsin you have a few of those advisors in your backyard…or at least in the Tranel building right across from Adler Pool in Libertyville.

(Yes, we’re talking about us.)

Why choose us?

Unlike many financial firms, we combine local services with national resources.

On the national side, our connection to (name of broker) means that we can put your investments wherever they’ll do you most good. But since we’re local, you’ll actually know the name of your advisor, always know how to reach them (no waiting for 20 minutes listening to “on hold” music), and meet with them regularly.

We’re the #1 financial servicing office in our broker/dealer.

That national broker we mentioned? They named us the #1 financial services provider in their dealership! But don’t take our word for it…

Over 92% of clients stay with us year after year.

Our clients have the last word, as they should. Our greatest pride is that most of them have stuck with us for the long term as they’ve experienced the warmth, knowledge, skill, and care of their financial advisors.

We’re so honored and grateful that these long-term clients have trusted us — often from the very beginning of their financial planning — to guide them to the happy, secure retirement they’re now enjoying.

In the end, growing lifespans and shrinking benefits haven’t changed the important thing: you still deserve peace of mind about your financial future. And while companies and Social Security might not give that to you, we’re more than happy to help.
Call us at (847) 665-1862 or email us to set up a free meeting with one of our experienced financial advisors.