Executive financial planning is designed to help you navigate the uncertainty in life while giving you financial clarity about your future.  A good sound financial plan will help you achieve the following:

Importance of Sound Financial Executive Planning

Many people overlook the importance of securing a sound financial plan early on in their lives and often wait until they are ready to retire.  It can be summed up a failure to plan, is a plan to fail.  Here at The Tranel Financial Group we have made the executive financial planning process easy and painless.

We have been helping clients with their financial plan for nearly three decades and have taken what we’ve learned and formulated The Life Enjoyment Experience™.

Regardless of your age or income, we take you from an initial assessment of your current situation and goal setting, to a living, working financial plan that helps enables you to experience the greatest enjoyment out of life. Designed to increase the power of your assets and understanding of your investments, helping you enjoy extreme clarity and confidence about your financial future, giving you greater peace of mind. The Life Enjoyment Experience is made up of four steps.



Step 1:  The Exploration provides you with an opportunity to see how we are truly different than other firms. At this meeting, the advisor will ask you questions to gain insight into your unique situation and then advise you about the next possible steps. If you determine the relationship is the right fit, you then move forward with the next meeting.

Step 2: The Discovery is an in-depth dive into your unique situation. At the end of the meeting, you and your advisor will understand the following:

  • Where you are at financially
  • What goals you want to accomplish
  • Plan of how we will help you get there

Step 3: The Map and Guide is when your Financial Advisor will present you with a personal action plan. Utilizing the Five Disciplines of Financial Planning –Your unique and individual plan will clearly define the steps necessary for you to meet your financial and life goals. Your advisor will provide the guidance necessary to implement this plan along the way.

Step 4: The Faithful Watch takes place once you’ve become a client and are taking positive steps towards enjoying a better life.  Your advisor will keep a FAITHFUL WATCH over you – helping to ensure you are successful and your plan continues to stay on track. Life happens and things change.  Knowing  you have a partner to guide you through market fluctuations, economic cycles, tax and estate law changes as well as changes in your objectives and personal situation is a welcome feeling.  We take our fiduciary responsibility very seriously and will faithfully guide you through whatever may come your way.


Financial advisor tip

Make sure your investment portfolio is re-balanced every few years to become slightly more conservative as you age and get closer to retirement.