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Retirement Planning: Understanding your Dividend or Yield in retirement?

Time to read: 2 minutes


Today, The Tranel Financial Group would like to discuss a non-commonly discussed topic: Dividends. Another term for that we use more commonly is yield. Many of you hear that term yield and you think of sign on the road right slow down and that is not at all what we are talking about!

Yield is in the financial world means the amount of income that you can generate without selling anything. We are going to state that again, the amount of income that you can generate without selling anything.

That sounds awesome doesn’t it?

To have an income stream coming in whether it’s monthly or quarterly and you don’t have to touch your principal or sell your shares – WHAT? That is one of the keyways that we position retirees and pre-retirees. Not only to accumulate and build wealth because the dividends are based on the number of shares you own, not the share price. It also helps insulate you from volatility when the market is-is going crazy.

Therefore, when you meet with a financial advisor to look at it whether you’re pre-retired, whether you’re thinking about retirement, or whether you are retired – we can help you identify the big picture with creative ways to reach your ideal financial life.

There is volatility and uncertainty out there, we can help you change that mindset and start thinking about cash flow and cash flow starts with yield and dividends.

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If you would prefer to listen, please click the YouTube Video below to listen to Tyler Braun, Financial Advisor, talk about dividends and yield in retirement.