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Executive Financial Planning Made Simple

Executive financial planning is designed to help you navigate the uncertainty in life while giving you financial clarity about your future.  A good sound financial plan will help you achieve the following:

  • Accumulate Money Efficiently
  • Generate Maximum Income
  • Protect Assets
  • Transfer Money To Loved Ones
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Karolyn Wotring, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and a Licensed Financial Advisor through Money Concepts Capital Corp, serves her clients in accordance with the SEC and FINRA regulations following the CFP standards and guidelines practiced by The Tranel Financial Group. She specializes in assisting post-divorcées in the necessary steps to transition to their new independent life. Karolyn is a valuable asset to divorce attorneys and mediators bringing clarity to the complexities of retirement plans as well as executive compensation. She is proficient in the methods of dividing and transferring assets from both Defined Benefit Plans as well as Defined Contribution Plans and has a thorough understanding of the tax implications involved with the division of said assets. She also often provides comparative financial projections to assist parties in reaching an informed resolution.